Friday, November 16, 2007

Water Course, Wilpena Creek WIP two

Installment two of this work in progress after a long busy period in my life then to end with the worse bout of illness that I have ever had for a very long time. Anyway moving on from what is past, this pastel is now coming along nicely.

It is funny how you see things wrong when an image of ones work is put up on a monitor. That distant flat middle ground in front of the hills needs to have the values checked. Something does not 'mesh' there and I will let you know what I end up doing if I adjust it.

Yes you do see a little pool of water. I don't think I will place a lot of water in the bottom of the creek, just a hint of moisture to give some interest to the composition.

Until next time, take care!

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Katherine said...

Sorry to hear you have so unwell Susan.

Couple of questions for you: What do you use for transferring your drawing to your support and what are you using for the support on this one - I'm not sure I recognise the colour.

Susan Borgas said...

Katherine I used Saral transfer paper in this instance. The paper colour is Terra Cotta Colourfix Paper. The colour for some reason always gets messed up with my camera and seems richer. If I alter the colour in the image, it then changes the colours in my work, which I don't want so leave it as is.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Susan,

I am so sorry you have been sick!! I will reply in Imagekind .. I have been trying to catch up lately - I am sure you understand.

Take care!!

~ Diane Clancy

Susan Borgas said...

Diane I sure do understand because I am often in that situation myself.