Thursday, January 12, 2006


I often wonder what artist all over the world do for their holidays, especially those that work in the art industry full time. Do you take a break from art itself or perhaps take the opportunity to try new creative ideas or perhaps dust off that painting that you haven‚'t had time to finish? Though not a full time artist, I myself have decided to pack my graphite pencils and paper and do what I should be doing more often, drawing! I am one of those people that tend to go into their own little world while drawing and should use it for relaxation. What better place than on a beach front caravan park which my husband and I are doing very soon.

Below is a pastel painting that I would like to share with you that I painted in 2005. I am happy to say it has been sold. I have been asked to paint this one again but when I painted the original it came from the heart. To paint a replica I knew I would be dissatisfied with the final results. It isn’t to say I will never paint this scene again but it will be done without the pressure of a commission attached and perhaps the client also disappointed because it isn’t what was expected.

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