Monday, November 06, 2006

Kangaroo wanting Breakfast

On the morning that my husband and I were packing up the caravan to travel back home from Wilpena Pound, this lady thought she could join us for breakfast. She also had a Joey about half grown that was exploring near our van. It isn’t unusual for the mum to have a Joey in her pouch at the same time as a young one on the hop.

Even though this kangaroo was very friendly; most are not and don’t like to be near humans. Many kangaroos in the camp grounds often can be seen foraging for food that has been dropped by the tourists or begging for food from a holiday-maker, which is discouraged as these animals are in fact wild and human food is not good for them plus without warning the animal can inflict damage to a human body. In saying this though I had to laugh one morning when I saw a circle of campers facing a campfire having breakfast, including a kangaroo. Not something one sees everyday.

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