Monday, November 27, 2006

Lightening Strike

What could have been a nasty situation with fire was a strike out instead when lightening hit a tree on the family farm. I have since heard via the two way radio that the storm had left spot fires from strikes as the storm moved further East. There was also a strike between a house and shed in Booleroo Centre, my closes town to where I live.

As I type this the storm is building up again.

My husband actually saw the lightening hit the tree and can’t understand why it never started a fire as the tree lit up like a Christmas tree with a fireball exploding up and out. Periodically Malcolm and our son Shaun check the tree and surrounding area to make sure no spot fires start up.

The photo above shows the distance where I was still finding timber that had exploded away from the tree.

The bare branch that can be seen in this photo shows how it is stripped of bark and limbs. We can only find a fraction of the missing timber that has been ripped apart from that trunk on the tree and of cause that is a concern as we don’t know if there are any hot embers lying around the stubble paddock.

If you click on the image for a larger photo you should then be able to see the farm dog is trying to help out as well..... no I don't mean she is watering the tree...Chuckle.

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Lucky-1 said...

Gosh Susan talk about lucky that a fire didn't start up. I can remember as a kid a lightening strike hit the telephone line just outside the fence going round the house, on the sheep station we grew up on.

The noise it made was incredible. I do hope that it doesn't spark a fire on your farm.

Susan Borgas said...

Very lucky indeed. The storm certainly had the hair on the back of my neck standing up on end.

Malcolm is now putting a fire break around the tree so that we can sleep better tonight.

Renae Murdoch said...

Wow - it is amazing that Dad actually saw the lightening strike - lucky timing. Fingers crossed that is the most action the farm will have to worry about due to the storms.

Susan Borgas said...

Nothing like a bit of excitement back here on the farm. We could do without anymore though :D