Monday, December 04, 2006

Skilled Truckie

Our farm isn’t really set up to have B Double semi trailers come in to collect our sheep for market. It takes a skilled Truckie to maneuver his large rig in a small area.

I didn’t think of it until the sheep had been loaded to grab some photos. To load the sheep the semi was backed right up to the opening of our shearing shed.

Normally a semi picks up our sheep but this is the second time a B Double has come in on the farm so plans are now in place to make a new track behind our barn. This will mean the driver will come onto the property through one gate and exit through another without having to make any tight turns.

I hope I don't choke up your internet connections with the photos in this post. I do feel they tell the story of the skills of this driver.

Moving forward away from the shearing shed where the sheep were loaded.

Backing up......

and backing up some more..... my son is quick to tell the the driver when to stop before hitting the shearing shed.

Forward once more.
New track will continue on in the direction that the semi truck is facing now. A gate will be put in the fence that is there now.

Backing up around the side of the shearing shed.

Forward once more....

right around now....

Facing the way the B Double came in on the property.

Time to make a mile!

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