Sunday, December 31, 2006

How many posts showing on your blog?

Do you have a very fast internet connection? It must be wonderful for those that are able to have that service provided to them although it does create a problem for the person who does not have access to higher speeds.

I am one of the unlucky ones that use dial-up and often frustrated by extremely slow pages loading on blogs and end up giving up as I just don't have the time to waste when I am so busy. Hopefully within a couple of years it will change with faster internet connections for me to use. For those that do have fast internet connections you need to be aware of how many images are displayed on your blog and how it affects those that do not have a fast internet connection.

Did you know that you can change the amount of posts to be displayed when a visitor happens to click on your blog address? If not I am posting an image here of how I have mine set up for seven posts in blogger. This for me is an ideal amount of posts to show to a dial-up visitor, especially as I do often have an image in each post. Please do consider how many posts it is appropriate for your own blog but also take into consideration that you maybe loosing return visitors if they come from a dial-up connection. Yes they can read your posts in a feed reader but if they are anything like me they also like to occasionally click on the link back to your blog to see how it is truly developing.

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Bart said...

Yes I know: 10. I like an overview and try to keep pictures under 50kb each.
But 10 x 50kb is still 500 kb... hmmm.. that might be too irritating much... is it?

I see now that the biggest picture on your page today is your banner; 26 kb.

Might have forgotten about Aussie dial ups....

Suppose their must be an easy way to show pictures small and link them to bigger ones.

Thanks for reminding me.

And thanks for 2006!

Doris Joa said...

Hi Susan, just wanted to wish you all the very best for the New Year 2007 and a lot of inspiration. Keep up your great blog and of course your beautiful artwork. Doris

Shez said...

Susan, thank you for the reminder, about the dial up connections. Never even thought of that with my Blog. Will shorten my pages showing right away. We have lots of dial up here in Canada still too!(and for years to come I'm sure)
All the Best to you for 2007!!

Susan Borgas said...

Bart I have never been irritated when visiting your site on my ISDN dial-up. Don't know about anyone that is on a slower one again though. Your thumbnails work well Bart to take the sting out of the larger images that the visitor then can choose to click on.

My banner does take up some of the download time, hence why I use the smallest available thumbnails. It is really a personal choice of the blog owner but it does sadden me when I come across a blog where there is unlimited amounts of posts one after the other with images in most of them. These are the ones that I do wonder if they know how to adjust the amount of posts they show or even considered that they are missing out on traffic from a dial-up user. Sorry if I have confused you Bart with what I have written.... I put it down so many Christmas celebrations....hehe.... also a thanks from me to you for 2006 and may the next year bring many blessings.

Doris thanks and I also wish you many blessings for the year 2007. After a little over a year blogging it has been quite an inspiring trip that generates motivation for me to paint. 2007 I am sure will be the same.

Susan Borgas said...

All the best to you Shez for 2007 and keep up that blogging as I love to see all those beautiful colours.

One day we all may have the fast internet speed and until then I guess we have to consider how many images we show on a page. Something else that just occurred to me it will also give visitors (not matter what speed they are on) a chance to see what is in the footer of a blog as they may not read that far if the page is exceptionally long. For example copyright notices if placed in the footer.