Saturday, December 16, 2006

Exploring Color

Exploring Color “Revised Edition” written by Nita Leland is a new book in my private library purchased only recently on eBay. If you are looking for a book on how to use and control colour in your work, Exploring Color could be for you irrespective of what medium you use. More information about the Exploring Color book can be found at Nita Lands website

The Exploring Color book has quite an impressive amount of images with clear precise text that is informative for the budding artist through to the professional. Nita also has a blog at Exploring Color & Creativity where she has also reviewed books that may interest you among many other subjects.

Artists have a thirst for resource material that doesn’t come only in books. With 100,000 new blogs per day the resource is there though not always easy to find. Technorati does a good job at making it easier with many tags listed on their site. If you continue watching this space another blog is nearly ready to be launched in the next few days by yours truly in the hope that it will be of some value to my visitors so stay tuned, it just might be a blog you will enjoy.

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Bart said...

Looking forward to your new blog, But I am also still enjoying this one though.

Cheers Susan!


Susan Borgas said...

This blog will be around and active for a long time to come yet. The new one will be just a little sideline for one of my hobbies. I wonder how many have had a look at my profile for a hint of what is going on...chuckle!