Monday, December 11, 2006


A Favicon are something that I have always enjoyed seeing listed in my bookmarks directory as they make it so easy to find a link address that I am looking for. There is plenty of information on the internet telling us how to make Favicons for our website. I only found out recently from Beta Blogger For Dummies how to add a Favicon to Blogger. If you want to do the same go and visit Beta Blogger For Dummies and I would suggest grabbing their blogspot RSS feed or bookmark it for future reference as this blog has a wealth of hints for anyone that works with Blogger.

I have made and loaded up two animated Favicons, one for this blog as well as Little Paintings. I really think Favicons are a good idea to use as they are like a trademark for your sites making you more visible for your visitors, especially return visitors who want to bookmark your site or blog. I did find I had to re-save my links in my bookmarks for the Favicon to show up and you may need to do the same.

I used Fireworks to design my image using a 96 pixel square. Once happy with my design it was time to save it as a jpeg file. I used the online free Favicon generator at Favicon from Pics website to make my animated Favicon. The website also makes a Favicon that isn't animated. I use Photobucket to host my Favicons then following Beta Blogger For Dummies blog to the letter, the Favicons were loaded up to my two blogs.

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