Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Family and celebrations

Tuesday has passed and Wednesday is well on the way with no post done as promised. There will be two celebrations of Christmas for my family, one has passed with another fast approaching on Saturday with my husband’s large family. The grown up children take in turns at hosting the affair with four generations celebrating the festivities together. For my own family along with other siblings there will be a number of hours to travel as my sister in-law is host this year.

It was by way of disappointment with myself that my last commission wasn’t completed prior to the festivities because it would have been so much easier not to have it to worry about. As much as time is scarce for painting, the work that I am doing at the moment is one of my best and realizing this there possibly will be more oil paintings by my own hand in the future. Two more days should have the commission completed then let it sit for awhile to harden before adding a glaze over the surface.

Not sure if I am just getting old or what because I had one glass of wine for Christmas and yet my mind and body feels so hung over. I put it down to life is so fast with so much to fit into it, especially towards the end of the year. I do hope you all are fairing a lot better than myself. Perhaps my mistake was only having one glass of wine….wink!

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