Monday, November 13, 2006

Where has the moisture gone

It is hard to believe that by the old Aussie measurement we had a little over sixty points of rain yesterday, with the moisture disappearing quickly because it is soaked up greedily by the parched earth. Yes the drought that is happening in Australia is affecting our family farm as well. What there is of harvest is nearly finished; what was a good start to the season the rain is just too late now.

Farming families learn to roll with the punches if they want to survive in their business as we have for two generations. The third generation is now home to work the farm. It is an exciting time with a very positive attitude towards the future. The rain will come again as it has yesterday. Hopefully a bit more often than it has over the last few months and a must to fall at the right time. It would be lovely to have a tap at the bottom of the sky to switch on and off as needed but then again the rubber washers to stop the tap leak would just be to expensive to buy…wink.

This photo was taken on the way home from the evening walk with my husband. The remains of this water at the edge of the rubble road will soon be gone; though there is still more moisture forecasted for tomorrow and that is another day where we will look to the skies as we have for so many times over the last few months.

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pastels said...

I must confess I was just looking at the sensational colours in your photo. I guess that means I'm not from framing stock!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks for visiting :)

I find myself that photos taken during drought are often a lot more colourful as the soil seems to add a glow to images.