Monday, March 05, 2007

Chambers Gorge Rock Pool “WIP” three

The grisaille is coming along really well but slowly as there are so many variants of tones to consider. One thing that surprises me, at this stage there is little paint used.

Because I am not working the whole painting at once I am able to sit, which is good for my leg that is still giving me trouble although on the mend as long as I rest it. Maybe trying my hand out with a grisaille technique is timely to keep me off my feet.

Not really sure when my next post will be. Once more there is a trip to Port Pirie tomorrow. This time it is in preparation with a two week trip interstate so need to get our vehicle serviced plus tucker shopping and other odds and ends done. Sadly we have a funeral to attend this week as well.

Anyway Malcolm (husband) and I are not heading off with our van in tow for another week yet. With a bit of luck I hope to get the grisaille stage of this painting finished before we leave so that it dries properly before I start adding colour.

Well I better go and clean my brushes....... that is where I miss using my pastels as I can't just leave things as they are until the painting is completed.

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