Saturday, March 03, 2007

Chambers Gorge Rock Pool “WIP” two

My studio has an atmosphere of the outdoors today. No air-conditioner needed to cool things down so my door and large window is open to the East. The Magpie also is warbling a beautiful song just outside of my window as I paint.

Because this work is so big (840 x 960 mm canvas) I am more comfortable getting the rock areas worked up ahead of the rest of the Grisaille. That is one of the reasons that I didn’t post yesterday, it was along day and yet I felt there wasn’t a lot to show and tell from the previous post.

For those that are wondering what my paint mix is, it is equal parts of Raw Umber and Ivory Black which makes a lovely dark.

Uh oh, there is a family domestic going on now amongst the magpies, now that is not relaxing!

I am now getting right into the swing of the Grisaille knowing that the tonal map will be completed before I start adding colour and basically all the hard work will be done. I am fully aware that Grisaille are best suited for a Still Life and because of this, when I do start adding colour there will be some brushwork introduced as one would expect in a landscape. The water on the other hand is very smooth and transparent and that is where I am going to make the most with my glazes.

When looking at the image on my monitor I realised the yellow is a little on the strong side to what it really is so be aware of that when you view this sample of todays work.

Well it is Saturday in Aussie land and once I have updated my blog, and a couple other jobs, it is then time to put my feet up and have a glass of red with my husband.

Cheers!!! wink

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Lisa B. said...

I'd have a window open/cracked year round if hubby would let me. Alas, he does pay the bills.

I think a soft yellow glow behind the pool might be something to consider. Similar to an early morning... then again, maybe I've been spending too much time with Van Gogh. :)

Susan Borgas said...

Another day today open to the outdoors. Love this kind of weather we are getting here at my home at the moment though there is a promise of hot weather again not that I am keen on that idea.

I have been following the Van Gogh series that many blogs are involved with. surprising how much I am absorbing even though I am not actually involved. As to the yellow under-painting I am doing, most of it will be covered although some will sneak through and compliment the colours I do use later on....wink!