Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thank You :)

I big thank you to those that take interest in my Blog.

I notice a marked increase with RSS feeds for my Blog as well as visitors directly to here along with visits to my news feeds at my website that can be found in “Sue’s Musings”. Your interest in what I am doing keeps me motivated to continue on updating regularly.

I do value comments left by visitors.

My poll is slowly increasing with votes. The temptation is to remove the poll with the votes strongly suggesting images open in a new window If you don’t agree please vote. I am planning either to keep my website opening images in a new window or the same page, depending on this poll.

Just as a matter of interest I don’t have the page loading control over this Blog for images. Shame about that! I would be keen to know if anyone can tell me that there is a way? I would rather not alter who my Blog is with as I don’t want to relocate to another when so many are visiting this one?

You know, some of the good part of blog theory was that blogs would be like diaries that the world could read. They would be spontaneous, whatever pops into your mind, as a diary would be.
- Gregg Easterbrook


Bart said...

Thank YOU Susan :-)
Think it is inspiring to see the patience and dedication you put into your works.

What do you mean by "page loading control for images"?

Susan Borgas said...

G'day Bart :)

The thumbnails in my website that can be found by going to I have the small images setup to open in a new window. I have the control to do this with the software that I use to build that site. I can also choose to have the thumbnails to open the larger image over the top of the original page, which going by the poll a lot of visitors don’t like.

My blog on the other hand does not give me that same choice as the larger images are loaded over the top of the original page. There maybe a way to tweak the blog template that I am using with an html code to force images to open in a new window.

The original story I wrote titled “Browser Links” can be found at

Cheers :)

Bart said...

"There maybe a way to tweak the blog template that I am using with an html code to force images to open in a new window."

I know almost nothing about html or programming. So I was rather amused to try to find an answer (that you possible already knew of).

But the only thing I found so far was in each post adding target="_blank" directly after the link to your picture in your html editor, so still in between the < > things. Then it should open in another window.
It should then look like this:
a href="
..numbers/0/IMGP0098.jpg" target="_blank"

But you will have to add it to each new picture and it doesn't control the size of the new window - which is rather small on my computer.

But maybe this can help you to find a solution. I did not find a way to do that in the template.

Susan Borgas said...

Well done Bart, I just gave it a go with a test image and it works.

Using Firefox I did get a new window with a big picture; I used a large image.

It is a wonder I didn't think of trying this method out as I have used it for links in the right hand column.

We have both learn something! :)

Now the next decision will be to stay with the way things work now or change the way the thumbnails opens an image. That is for another day.

Many thanks :)