Thursday, April 20, 2006

Willochra Creek, Melrose (Work in Progress) seven

Today I attacked the top right hand side of the painting. I strengthened up the bottom of these trees as I felt there wasn’t enough width in the trunks to hold the tops upright. Mmmmmmm, starting to tire of tree trunks and foliage and glad to have the main parts of it done. Still have the twigs to put in place; that is a job for another day.

I glazed some colour over the banks of the creek making sure I don’t completely cover the staining colour underneath. This area still isn't finished.

I called it a day when I dropped one of my favourite Unison colour. I could hardly believe my eyes when it happened but here is the proof of the pudding with an image further down below.


Lucky-1 said...

Is the Unison colour still able to be used? Man I am enjoying seeing these paintings coming to life.

Susan Borgas said...

Lucky1, I am glad you enjoy the paintings coming to life.

No fear the Unison pastel will not be wasted. Small pieces are very useful :)