Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Willochra Creek, Melrose (Work in Progress) six

Between two lots of visitors and phone ringing here I did manage to get some work done. The top left quarter is now well on the way. It hasn’t been easy to separate much of the foliage from the distance to the forward position but reasonably happy with the progress of this area. I still have sky holes to put back plus the twigs, which will be done at a later time.

I have posted a close up of the tree trunks in the thick area of growth so that you can see what is going on. I used short flat sides of the AS Australian grey as well as my reworked stick of Australian grey that had some other scraps of colour mixed in making a slightly pinkish colour. I scraped lightly picking up some of the under colour at the same time. The trick was to push slightly harder on the pastel from the direction of light so that the trunks look rounded because the opposite side of the pastel didn’t bite so much leaving some of the under colour showing through. I then place a few more marks in appropriate places to add more form to the lower areas. My aim is to achieve a mysterious area of bush land that is common place in this region with thick growth.

I scraped some more colour along the bank though it does have a lot more work to be done.

Until next time, Cheers!!!

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