Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chambers Gorge Rock Pool “WIP” five

Did some more work on this grisaille today and made sure a photo was taken this time. The yellow is showing up stronger than it really is. Not sure if it is my camera or the light conditions the photo was taken under.

Yesterday was spent cleaning up in my garden, which I haven't done for twelve months or more and that is my excuse that I never posted to this blog yesterday.

At the moment the weather is so beautiful here that my garden is just begging me to give it some tender loving care. Hopefully with some more rain in the near future, my garden will bounce back to its former glory. I may then come up with a garden painting if the area is pretty enough. wink

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Yellow said...

Hiya. I found your site last night and I was overcome by what you're creating. I've worked in pastels myself in the past, but never with such command and atmosphere as yours. I want to pack a bag and jump on a plane & come camp out near you. Would you take on a skivvy/student if I worked my way? My hubby & kids wouldn't miss me (yeah right)

Susan Borgas said...

G'day Yellow! :)

Gee you were quick as I haven't had this post up long. Many thanks for your comment, as it is balm to my mind at the moment as I seem to be struggling to get my head around painting.

Tell you what at the moment I do need a servant so I would teach ya what little I do know, although I reckon your family might lock you up first....chuckle

Took a look at your blog, I love your drawings. It is something I don't do enough of.