Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Garry Conn.com and Dosh Dosh's Technorati Favourite's List

When Dosh Dosh first posted about “Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment” I bookmarked it with the intentions of participating. Since that time numerous blogs have started up lists on their blogs to keep the momentum going. One that really caught my attention was Garry Conn.com. He has made it so easy to subscribe his list "Technorati Most Faved List" to your Technorati Favourites that there is no excuses not joining in because of lack of time.

Will you?
Is it fair to earn Technorati favourites this way?

Is it fair to earn Technorati favourites this way? Fair or not my thoughts are if you want to get some reward for all the work that is put into a blog, go for it and get a higher ranking with Technorati! I am not going to go into the nitty gritty reasons of the why’s because Dosh Dosh gives all the explanation and it is worth a read and then you can make up your own mind as to participating or not.

If you do decide to get involved by adding your name to Garry Conn.com’s list, please make sure you read his ‘three rules’. These rules are what makes it fair to everyone participating and so easy to do. Be warned, the list is growing. I write the last name down that I add to my Technorati Favourites to make sure I don’t miss adding anyone to my list.

Dosh Dosh has a list at the bottom of blogs that are participating as well and once more if you want to partake, read the rules carefully. You might like to check the blogs that are already on the list. Be warned, make a hot cuppa first and make sure you are comfortable in your chair, as there is some interesting reading along the way.

When getting listed myself I was thinking about the old saying “all is fair in love and war”; well this is all out war for the Technorati Favourite list. twisted

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Maki said...

Thanks for joining the exchange, Susan! Good to see that you're declaring war on Technorati favorites... :)

Just linked you up on my blog.. hopefully it sends you some visitors too.. :)

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome! It is a fantastic idea in the first place and glad to contribute. :D

Thanks for the link back Maki, it is very much appreciated.

Deepak Jeswal said...

You are there on my list
You can add me up here

Susan Borgas said...

deepak jeswal, you are on my list as well, cheers!

Bart said...

So far I have never really understood the great thing about Technorati. I look into it every now and then but never stick with it for long as I can't help feeling that it isn't very effective. Maybe I am just put off by the fact that so many people speak highly about it but that it's actual value is just as limited as so many other sites.
It can be of use, I am sure about that, but it isn't the ultimate thing.
I think that Maki's experiment with the WTF option underlines this, as it seems to be easy to get into the "Today's WTF" list, and the actual hits coming from it is relatively limited.

I also have to think about what Darren Rowse often says about getting on the front page of Digg: you get a lot of hits, but hardly anyone of the readers returns to your site the next day.

So in order to get a realistic view upon Technorati and its features I think it is a nice experiment. And Maki is right. If he doesn't do it, someone else will, but then perhaps without publishing the results.

For what it is worth, I just added Arts & Stuff to my favourites, and that has actually nothing to do with any sort of experiment :-)

Susan Borgas said...

I had your blog listed Bart! :D

This is going to be an interesting exercise to see if more traffic is generated for returning visitors. I did subscribe to some extra feeds myself so I guess it does work but not necessary that my art blog will be something that interests these blog owners in return and don't really expect it anyway ;-)

I am going to make more effort to chase up more 'Art Blogs' to add them to my own Technorati Favourites in future, especially those that I notice do use the tags in my feed subscriptions.

Deborah said...

Hi there,

I've already added you to my favs.

My username is fastfastlane, and link to my fav is http://technorati.com/faves?sub=addfavbtn&add=http://www.fastlanetransport.ca/blog.


Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Deborah, I have added you to mine.

Dawud Miracle said...

I've added you to my faves.

Here's my faves link

Susan Borgas said...

Dawud, and you to mine.

pinoyarki said...

hi susan! thanks for the fave! :)

BB Tan said...

i add u , this is me sharingthelife,
Add to Technorati Favorites

iszo said...

Hello There,

I have faved you in my technorati.

MY ID : iszo
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I'm also offering Technorati favourites exchange and interested to become part of it. Could you put my link to your list?
I will do the same too.


Thanks in advance!

hobbithob said...

hi there,

i have favourited and linked you. Awaiting yours :-)

My technorati address is here.

Also wrote a post on this. The url is here. So whoever favourites me or link to me, and leave a site name on my blog will get a favourite/ linkback from me too.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks to all the above, you are listed!

eve said...

great article, it is posted at the carnival here- http://homebizblogger.com/2007/04/30/carnival-of-blogging-sucess/

Anonymous said...

Hi I have favorited you.

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decypher said...

Hello! I've added you into my faves :)

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cosmicsurfer said...

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T@blogosphère said...


I've added you to my favs and made a link on my post

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Susan Borgas said...

Thanks and you are all listed.

Anonymous said...

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