Monday, April 30, 2007

Strange Things

What strange things comes from this head of mine when extremely tired; in fact exhausted. Yesterday I spent at a meeting with a network of artist who promote the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

The day started with a bus load of about forty artists (The Peninsular Art Group) who wanted to meet the 'Painters of the Flinders Ranges' with samples of our work on display. This get together plus the AGM meeting was combined so that distant members of the group I am a member of, could save on time and costs that are involved.

Once the visiting artist left it was time for a quick lunch then start the meeting. Proudly I am once more Vice President of the 'Painters of the Flinders Ranges' and thanks must go to those that support me to be able to continue on with this job.

Anyway getting back to the 'strange things' that I started rambling on about in the beginning of this post. As much as feeling exhausted my head was still running a mile a minute. For me picking up pencil and pad and start sketching is the best way to slow down to a very relaxed frame of mind. You can see that these sketches changed from very stilted to something that has a bit more creative imagination to it once I was calm, although it is some strange looking tube of This was over a period of about ten minutes. It was soon afterwards I headed off to bed and slept the best nights sleep I have had for about a week.

Do you find sketching relaxing so that you yourself can settle down to a good nights sleep or even perhaps help you to get into the 'creative' frame of mind so that you can work on a painting? Please feel free to use the comments option to let us know. biggrin

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Bart said...

What a wonderful sketch! A fascinating idea and well drawn too.
But I wonder what psychologist of Freudians would think of it. I looks like a male figure...hmmm.. thinking :-)

To answer your question about sketching: With me I think it depends on the type of sketch. I recently made this one and found it very relaxing to do. But more often I just enjoy it when it goes well but it can leave me a little less in need of producing more whilst being very positive en enthusiastic about future works. Sometimes so much that I need to do something else to calm down.

Jennifer said...

Very nice sketch (nice buns...sorry :p)

I don't sketch enough, when I do I find it frustrating that I don't end up with something I like (if I sketched more I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem). I do tend to wake up and sketch an idea and then go back to bed. In the morning though I have no idea what the sketch was supposed to be :p

When the very rare times I do try to sketch out a drawing, it usually turns into detailed line art.

Serena said...

I find this very interesting as I believe the right/left brain thinking comes into play here. During the first part of that ten minutes, you were left-brain thinking which is the logical side of the brain but then, you transitioned to the right-brain thinking which is the creative side of the brain. Artists transition to right-brain thinking quite a bit because of our creative nature. I think those who have trouble with creativity are locked into left-brain mode at that particular time and need to find other ways of stimulating the right (creative) brain so they can access that creative side. If you're interested, this link talks on our 'two' brain thinking and you can even do the online test to show which side of your brain you most work from.

Btw, I like your sketch ~


Penny said...

Susan, how wonderful to find you. I am heading up to Mambray Creed for a Grumpy womens week end (we are mostly cloth doll makers) with Joy Martin. Saw that Booloroo Centre had a huge amount of rain so no wonder the ground is sticky.
Maybe one day we will catch up.

Susan Borgas said...

Gosh what a great response and I thank each and everyone of you :D

Bart I could get quite cheeky here but I will behave or I might be just as controversial as Freud himself.... I am joking of course..chuckle

I do remember that post you did Bart.
Guess we as artist are all as different to each other with our approach to sketching and expectations from them in the same way we have individual styles with our artworks.

Jennifer the "buns" were the last touch to the drawing to give the tube a paint a bit more of a human touch to it...chuckle

Like you I don't sketch enough either and promised myself to make more effort in the future, even if it is only scribbles on a bit of paper. I am not going to stress if they are bad because with practice I know they will improve. I can't say that I have ever woken up from sleep and done a sketch. Probably wouldn't remember what it is supposed to be either.... te he.

Serena I understand what you mean as I actually do have the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". I sat down for a week and studied the book from the front through to the back cover. Since doing that I have learned to use drawing/sketching for relaxation but once more do enough.

That is a great link and thanks for sharing it. I am yet to do the test and if it is anything like I have done before it will show that I am more right sided than left. I must remember to post my results. :D

Penny it was nice to find your blog as well. If you have never been to Mambray Creek before you will enjoy it. Don't forget to pack your camera. Oh yeah and the emu's can be real sticky beaks and pinch a 'snag' off the barbeque if you turn your back on them. :D