Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just like Dominos Falling

When trying to juggle a few things at once my mind just will not always spread thinly to concentrate on all at one time. It started when I burnt the spuds for mash followed by the peas and they were in separate saucepans! Then I rejected Bart’s comment from "I Landscape" for SnapShots for the "Sherrard Falls, New South Wales" post, which Blogger does not give a second chance to avoid the mistake. I emailed Bart with a copy of his comment and asked him to comment once more, which he did. Thank you Bart for understanding! What was next….oh yeah then I sent the wrong phone number via email to my kids so that they could phone their grandfather. Thankfully they were on the ball and noticed the number wasn’t from the area of my dad and curious to know ‘who's’ number I did send them. The common factor with the numbers was the two people have the same Christian name in my phone and didn’t double check the remainder of the information. All of this happened in the space of half an hour so that it had my head spinning.

After yesterday I think it will be either finish earlier in my studio or have a later evening meal so that my old brain can keep up with the jobs that I am supposed to be doing.

That will teach me not to laugh at another artists run of bad luck. Want to see which post it was? Head over to Maggie Stiefvater post "Slapping Fate About the Head and Face" at Greywaren Art. Maggie is a professional artist and also a ball of energy and I love to read her blog in the hope that some of it will rub off onto myself..... but I did not expect the 'bad luck' stuff to happen to me. wink

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Mick Moore said...

Old age, don't you love it.

Susan Borgas said...

Hehe.... behave dear brother!!!

Lucky-1 said...

And I thought walking into walls was bad enough. Chuckle.

Farah said...

Hi Susan,

I found your blogs from the Technorati train. My username is iReview. Glad to see another artist's artworks.

I have been planning to take oil and pastel painting lesson formally but yet to find time.

I used to paint flowers using color pencil and pastel (self taught) but not sure whether my technique is correct.

Would love to keep in touch with you.

Bart said...

You are welcome Susan! Glad I could make you feel a little better.
Maybe it was the first thing that went wrong that put you on the wrong track.

A funny post indeed by Maggie Stiefvater :-)

Lisa B. said...

Burnt spuds? In my kitchen we call them french fries.

Susan Borgas said...

Sorry about the delay replying.

farah I certainly remember the "iReview" name and following your blog now that I have found it. For the most part I am self taught with colour application although did study drawing by correspondence for nearly four years and very happy how that went although had to be very disciplined with my time while studying. Please do stay in touch :D

Bart it is odd when something goes wrong, usually something else follows and so on. Glad it doesn't happen very often. Yes Maggie's post was funny and most of them do have some humour in them.

Lisa surprising enough the spuds (boiled for fluffy mash) did make a good batch of mash even if the bottom of the saucepan was black....chuckle

Susan Borgas said...

lucky-1 I have just found your comment listed that hasn't yet been approved (now done) and must remember to check the 'Moderate Comments' more often in blogger. For some reason Blogger does not pass your comments via email to me as often as it should; yours being the only one :(

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Beware . . . reading that post is like a chain letter. You WILL do something dumb after reading it . . . ;)

Susan Borgas said...

It is worth it Maggie....LOL!