Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rocks in my Head

The grasialle is still coming along really well, although I must have rocks in my head because when trying out my new coloured pencils that turned up in the mail today (eBay special wink), as I naturally drew a rock.

This coloured pencil drawing was done on 110 GSM Draw Cartridge and really didn't expect to get a better practice sample on this type of support.

I would like to thank Wendy Prior who is the owner of this blog. I emailed Wendy today asking her for some advice about drafting film, which she generously gave. Wendy is a exceptionally skilled coloured pencil artist and I never realised what could be achieved with this medium until I came across Wendy's blog several months ago.

I do have more pencils coming from an eBay seller, which are a Derwent brand and going by what I have read about them on WetCanvas, they do promise good things. I guess that will depend on this artist using them as well as an improved support for the artwork......that means I am yet to spend more money! eek

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Katherine said...

Susan - you'll find different brands of coloured pencils seem to like different sorts of surfaces. For example, if memory serves me correct Derwent and Colourfix do not get on.

For example, I love FC Polychromos and Lyra Rembrandt on Arches HP

Bet you like them though! ;)

Susan Borgas said...

Katherine I do now have the Derwent pencils and did have a little play on Colourfix although nothing serious. As I have little experience with this medium I am not sure what I should be expecting.

I was a little surprised that the pencil colour did cover the Colourfix well although no blending is achievable. I think if I was to use this support I would have to think very carefully where I place my marks in much the same way as using drafting film for coloured pencils.

Now if I had experience with other brands, I would more than likely never consider using Derwent with Colourfix ever again. ;-)

For example, I love FC Polychromos and Lyra Rembrandt on Arches HP
Thanks for the above info. I am yet to spend some time in your blog archives and squidoo lens to do some research.