Thursday, April 26, 2007

Derwent Coloured Pencils

Being a curious artist or should that be an impatient one I quickly unpacked the Derwent coloured pencils that arrived by post and put a bit of colour on some Colourfix paper, which you see in this post.

Katherine from Making a Mark kindly commented to my post called Rocks in my Head. It reminds me I do have a lot to learn about this medium that I have never used since I was a child. Of cause I never had professional colour pencils back then but gee 'colouring in' did pass many pleasurable hours as a child.

Katherine mentions in her comment that she love FC Polychromos and Lyra Rembrandt on Arches HP. I can see my coloured pencil and paper shopping list will be growing longer as I learn from accomplished coloured pencil artists that are sprinkled throughout the internet.

All that is wrong with new art material coming into the studio is the lack of time to experiment with them. I managed to find a supplier for drafting film that has a coating on both sides for the pencil to adhere too. The drafting film is staying packed away so that it does not become damaged until I get serious about putting time aside to work with it. If you are interested in drafting film yourself I purchased mine from Premier Art Supplies in Adelaide.

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Laureline said...

Susan, it's been ages since I visited your blog and I apologize to you (and myself) for that---a lot has gone on since I last checked in! I'll have to come back and look longer at recent posts, but from my quick scan, it seems as though you are in high spirits and really enjoying painting and experimenting with your new pencils. Your work is lovely and your energy is inspiring.

Jeanette said...

Now there is some wonderful colour in your sketch! You're off to a fabulous start with your pencils. I find they do become addictive.

I have tried drafting film and find it lovely to draw on, but with so little tooth you have to be creative in colour choices and make each stroke work.

Katherine said...

I think I'd recommend doing small studies on drafting film while you get used to it. The technique for film is completely different from using CP on paper where the main issues is much more about what sort of approach to layering and mixing colours you intend to take. Personally I like optical mixing using hatching a lot - think Degas! - and I suspect you might well like that sort of approach as well.

Also have you seen my squidoo lens about coloured pencils - you'll find lots of links to interesting perspectives and tips from other people on there.

I'm going to be watching with interest as I'm personally convinced that pastellists use CPs differently to people who come to CP from graphite!

In the meantime I've broken out the Art Bin and pastels and taken them to my drawing a head class......... ;D. Please come and comment!!!

Susan Borgas said...

Laura I know what it is like trying to catch up to other bloggers so think nothing of it. I had to make sure you were talking to me though about "your energy" (imagine me looking around where I am sitting to see if it is me you are talking too...chuckle) as often it is very much lacking these days but the pencils will hopefully get me up and going with renewed inspiration! :D

Jeanette the pencils are really going to teach me a lot and hopefully push me further to be more creative in other techniques. Well one can hope so! :D

Katherine yes the small studies are a good idea as I expect that there will be many failures plus less taxing of the brain because of less area to cover. I will have to study Edgar Degas much closer to see what I can learn ;)

I had a good look through some of the links from your coloured pencil lens last night. Gosh there is some good stuff there.

More than likely some of my pastel technique will interfere with my pencil strokes, some good and some downright wrong!

Off to see your blog now :D