Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Brachina Gorge (WIP) five

Life is very busy here on the family farm with sowing our crops hence finding it difficult to spend as much time as I would like in my studio. At the end of the day I can’t complain as the farm is what brings in the money that allows me to paint.

I did manage to get some pastel on the paper with scrapes, dots & dashes, lightly and heavier application of pastel. The idea is to make as many varied strokes as possible to form the creek bed then pick out some of the shapes and mould them into what I want. It is best to only make a few rocks and grass and let the viewer do the rest than to try and paint every small stone or blade of grass.

Anyway here is the next update.


Lindsay said...

Hi, I found you at Laura's and I love your work!! Cant wait to see more

Susan Borgas said...

G'day Lindsay, Thanks for visiting. I hope to have another posting of the WIP today.

Laura said...

Susan, this is fantastic! The light and air you've rendered so exquisitely---amazing!

Susan Borgas said...

Laura thanks so much and welcome to my blog :)