Thursday, May 25, 2006

Graphite Studies

There isn’t going to be an update today of my WIP as there just isn’t enough hours in my day.

So that I have something to post I thought I would explain to non artist why I am having so much trouble with the vase in the wattle WIP. If I was to draw a line right down the middle of the vase I would find that the bottom right is wider than the left and the top left of the vase is wider than the right of that centre line.

These graphite studies were done by actually using lines placed in such a way to help me draw the shapes that I require. If you look at them you will see that all important centre line. You will also see that the drawings are not perfect. Considering at the time (May 2003) drawing was relatively new to me I am reasonably happy with these drawings.

There you go, a good drawing in the beginning saves a few headaches later on.


Bart said...

Interesting, I wouldn't even know where to start! I always seems with such a shape that every deviation shows so clearly.

Susan Borgas said...

I wish my own eyes were a bit quicker off the mark but unfortunately it isn't the case.

Certainly a lot more drawing is on the agenda for me :)

Lisa B. said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for posting the sketches. I should practice those ellipses before attempting them in pastel. It may be a forgiving medium, but it's not that forgiving.

Love your work!!!!!

Lisa B.
(fortysomething @ WC!)

Susan Borgas said...

Welcome Lisa,

I know myself in future I will be using a more detailed drawing in a still life.

I envy anyone with the ability to get it right the first time. Perhaps it comes with experience.