Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flinders Range Wattle Still Life "WIP" seven

The “kissing leaves to other objects now have been sorted out.

The vase also now is looking much better. I feel I know this item intimately now and don’t have any qualms in using it again in a future still life. I may need to darken the area just under the kettle spout to make the copper pop forward. As I work on the kettle I will decide then what I am going to do.

There is a very thin layer of pastel on the kettle handle and knob. Until I make sure that the drawing is correct in this area I will not go heavy with pastel application.

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Laura said...

This is just gorgeous, Susan, and so fascinating to see its development. I've never really used pastels before, so had no idea of technique. I'm looking forward to the next stages!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Laura :)

I used to paint with oil a lot but once I started with pastels, I find it has now become the number one medium that I use.