Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flinders Range Wattle Still Life "WIP" five

Remind me never to use this vase again!!!!

I should have taken more care that the bumpy part of the vase was exactly the same on both sides when setting up the still life. The bubble shapes are "poking out" more on the left side of the vase, which looks odder in the image on my monitor than when I am actually standing in front of the work. Maybe a bit of artist license will be considered here yet to flatten the bumps slightly.

I worked some foliage and stems in and around the flowers. Once the rest of the painting is caught up, I may revisit this area again.

The book is nearly finished though yet to work on the wattle, stem and leaves that are sitting on top of it.


Tres said...

Susan, you sound like you are talking to yourself the way I did with the Blue Nightmare portrait!! LOL!!
This is coming along very well, and I love the flowers. You are doing great on the vase, and it will come together as you go. It almost has a "vintage" feel to me with the colors you have chosen. I am really enjoying watching this emerge.. :) Tres

Susan Borgas said...

:D Must be from all that time I spend on my own.

I purposely went for the vintage feel and it is great that you picked that up. I felt that it suited the wattle to take that road.

Cheers, Susan

Eric Wilson said...

HI Susan,

It's great to read your thoughts as you progress through this lovely painting. I think it will reward you in the end!

Sometimes the mind plays tricks on the Artist if he (she) stares at the work too long. A mirror is a great way of refreshing your brain with the image and showing clearly if you are imagining things (like the shape of the vase) or not.

I think you're doing a great job!


Susan Borgas said...

Eric thank you for taking the time to comment.

You are right about a mirror. I will make sure I purchase one on my next shopping trip. I find the computer monitor does the same thing but not always convenient to be taking photos all the time.