Monday, May 08, 2006

Brachina Gorge (WIP) three

It was back into the studio for me this afternoon to do some more work on this painting.

I worked on the middle ground to establish the eucalyptus gum trees as well as some of the native shrubs that grow in profusion in this area. There is a wealth of different varieties of vegetation in this area which allows me to have some fun with colour.

The tree in the foreground will have foliage hang down in front of the middle ground trees on the left hand side yet. It will help to connect the two areas together at the same time pushing the background further back. Well this is the general idea of it anyway.

I am uncertain of the road that comes in at the right. It is part of the creek bed as well. The creek runs across the road to the right, not with the road. The road heads off into the distance behind the tree and can’t help but feel it causes some confuses. I may brush this area off and think a bit more about the placement of the tonal values. Maybe even drop the right hand side down a bit to see what happens. Gosh I might even end up with vegetation there yet.

As you can see I have started placing some marks on the foreground tree. I decided to call it quits for now as I need to feel fresher for the next stage, which a hit of caffeine isn’t helping.

So until tomorrow, cheers!

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