Thursday, May 11, 2006


The Commercial Art Course that took me a few years to complete came in handy today when I was asked to design a small poster for my artwork including my husband’s honey to be displayed in an Information Centre for the tourists.

My husband Malcolm sells honey at this Centre as well as other venues in the Southern Flinders.

Malcolm and I have a pretty good partnership when it comes to marketing both our products.

I designed the honey bucket labels and print them from my computer. The labels consist of an image of one of my paintings with my web address below it. By law in Australia when selling honey we have to supply the name of the seller and manufacturers address (not a postel box number) on the container. The word Honey must be a part of the label. Also nutrition information.

How good is that though when the honey provides us extra income, which is also my husband’s hobby that he enjoys immensely. At the same time I get some free advertising as an artist.

Shame though this marketing business takes time away from my painting………. You guessed it, no update today with my “WIP” though I am pretty happy with the poster design.

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