Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Adding a Second Sidebar

What a day it has been playing around with my Snapshots blog to add a second sidebar. It was while reading New Blogger Template Tutorial: Adding a Second Sidebar at Tips and Tricks last night that I decided to play around with the idea on one of my test blogs. As Peter says there are some well written instructions for adding a second sidebar at Adding a second sidebar to your Blog - part 2 which is the Beautiful Beta blog.

A lot of time was wasted during the last part of editing the template as I found the preview didn't always tell the true story with the testing blog. In fact all was well with the edited template even though the preview said otherwise. Once more this also happened with SnapShots and have to admit to having my heart in my mouth when I decided to click on save and to my delight the blog looked okay.

The columns had to be fussed around with widths to make them fit correctly in Firefox and Internet Explorer. My daughter has a Mac so she checked to see what the test blog looked like in her browser and once more all was well. I have no idea what it does look like in any other browsers. The blog still has the odd item to put back on but all in all it was a smooth transaction. The width of the whole area will not fit into a 800 wide screen with some scrolling to the right needed. The posts will be completely in view along with the important links on the left hand side. This way the page isn't crammed up.

One odd thing though is the Page Element column in the Edit Layout on the right hand side does cut off in Firefox and yet in Internet Explorer all is well. Once I realized it didn't effect the actual template I decided not to let it worry me.

For now Arts and Stuff Blog will stay as it is. I spent a whole day mucking around with SnapShots which means a day of painting was lost. Tomorrow is my big shopping day at Port Pirie with appointments involved so yep you guessed it, no painting tomorrow either.

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