Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mount Remarkable WIP three

My trip to Port Pirie went well yesterday other than a headache in the afternoon that soon developed into a migraine. Thankfully these types of headaches are not so common with me these days although getting over them still takes time. It was a late start in the studio because of being unwell but did manage to get some work done although not enough to post an updated photo.

After today the branches are now taking shape in the upper top right hand side of the Mount Remarkable painting. My hands are cleaned regularly, as I am using quite a few darks in this area along with lesser mid and light values.

Hint: Because my hands do perspire such a lot I don’t use rubber gloves while using my pastels nor do I get on using the cut off tips of gloves like some artist do. For this reason I am constantly washing my hands or wiping them on a very wet cloth. It is only just recently that I hit on an idea of applying Vitamin E cream onto my soggy cloth because I was always heading for the Vitamin E cream to apply directly to my hands and was costing a small fortune with replacement bottles. I am finding I will now wipe my hands more often and they stay lovely and soft. To keep bacteria away a clean cloth is used each day.

All in fun!
taking the Mickey out of Google

Now for something off topic from art: The Quick Online Tips post titled When Google Pen “Beta” Ran Out of Ink caught my interest straight away when it dropped into my Google Reader. Like so many of us I like to know what Google is doing and was rewarded with a most amusing story at the Blog taking the Micky out of Google. For this entertaining story along with helpful suggestions to Scott Grieder, Group Product Manager for through the comments section of the blog the track back (Permalink) entry can be found at Google Pen runs out. Enjoy I know I

This may interest my Aussie readers; some snail mail came in the post with the following information for local exhibitions near the area that I live.

Laura Art Exhibition

14-15 April 2007
28th Annual Laura Folk Fair

Key Dates
Entries Close: 30 March 2007
Personal Delivery of Works: Sunday 8 April between 1pm – 3pm Tuesday 10 April between 10am – 3pm
By Couriers: received before Tuesday 10 April 2007
You are invited to attend the Opening Night commencing at 8pm on Friday 13 April 2007

CHRISTIANITY – An Australian Perspective
28 April – 20 May 2007
A biennial art award at Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, in conjunction with the Anglican Diocese of Willochra and the Catholic Dioceses of Port Pirie

Key Dates
Entries close: Friday 6 April 2007
Delivery of work: Friday 20 to Wednesday 25 April 2007 at 2pm
Opening of exhibition & announcement of prize winners: Saturday 28 April 2007

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