Thursday, February 15, 2007

Injuries and Art do not mix

Well for me it doesn’t because pain blocks the creative juices and the pain killers the doctor ordered tends to make me fuzzy so avoid taking them as much as possible……. What am I talking about? read on!

Monday was supposed to be spend preparing a large canvas for an oil painting and has not eventuated right up to today. About a week ago I somehow manage to hurt my right leg. No idea what I have done to it though yesterday my doctor seems to think I have pulled a muscle. Mmmm….. the only way I may have done this is from a shopping trip to Port Pirie with a trolley full of groceries that once heavy is hard to maneuver. Nearly a week later, shopping once more I noticed an empty trolley made my leg well and truly hurt and that is when it twigged it may have caused the leg injury.

What compounds all this; other than very small works, I stand to create my paintings and consequently not working because of the injury. Over the years I have tried to work sitting down but find my hand doesn’t flow quite so easily with a much tighter finish to the overall painting. So sitting down on the job does not work for me. The link is just a bit of dry humour from me.wink

This is an old student chair that has been converted into a stool (or should that be a tall chair?) by my husband and just might be a useful "idea" for you. The longer axis pole allows the height of the chair to be adjustable in the same way the shorter vision did. The chair sits back from my painting and is used to sit on while contemplating my work. When putting some extra time in front of the easel and because it is then a very long day standing on my feet I may sit on this chair in short bursts while painting.

As you can see I am very lucky to have handymen in my family. For those that don't remember my son made a stand for my laptop. That post can be found here.

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Lori of Soulful Studios said...

Hope your leg gets better! I can't sit down on the job either!

Glad you liked my sock puppies! Somehow only another artist can truly appreciate their glory! LOL!

Bart said...

Weird how sometimes one can be injured without knowing why or how come. Sounds plausible though, with the shopping trolley.

I hope you can use your time to read a little (too fuzzy?) or gather some thoughts and idea's or.. maybe you don't have a problem holding out behind the computer, or maybe you can draw a little?
Anyway, hope it will be over soon!

Susan Borgas said...

Lori, thanks! We do have pretty good imaginations...chuckle.

Bart, maybe old age is catching up to

I am using the opportunity to get more involved with other blogs, which I do enjoy participating with comments. Also playing around with images trying to improve my knowledge with posting better quality images on SnapShots.

On my agenda today is to do some thumbnail sketches for my next painting. It will be a large painting so want to make sure I get the preliminary planning done without any shortcuts or I probably will regret it later.