Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mount Remarkable WIP six

These trees are many hundreds of years old and I feel it is taking just as long to paint this work. To get my head back into this painting I commence on the trunks at the top left.

eek! When fussing around getting my easel at the right height so that I can use it comfortably while sitting, the pastel fell on the floor. It was like slow motion when it all happened and thankfully after the painting did a somersault and landed upright without any damage. The pastel dust l I was collecting at the base of the painting is now scattered over the mat but hey I can live with that. That will teach me to make sure that the top of the easel clamp is well and truly tucked over the board that I have my pastel taped too.

Looking for the dark and light patterns I slowly move down towards the base of the tree. Putting and taking when I realize that some areas attract too much attention from what will be the main focal area, which will be that massive trunk.

Back over my shoulder out of my large studio window I see that maybe we are going to be in for another storm this evening with billowing thunder clouds forever churning out bright cauliflower shapes. We seem to be getting them every day lately with sometimes rain, which is welcomed by giving some relief from the humid weather that is being experienced the last few days.

I am not happy with the large mass of shadowed area on the large tree on the right. Right from the beginning I knew it would bug me, the area looks flat ………

………. now that is much better! There is actually more than one trunk in that spot, pays to open ones eyes to see these things, can you see the difference from this post?

Time to take a photo as the East light will fade from this time onwards and I do prefer to have as much natural light coming through my studio window as possible so that the painting is well lit as I don't use a flash.

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