Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mount Remarkable WIP seven "Finished"

Wrong wrong wrong!!! When I brought the branch down through the centre so that the limb was connecting to the mountain, it was placed in the wrong spot. With a gentle touch of a bristle brush I removed the layer of pastel then made repairs to the sky and mountain. I then lengthened the branch towards the right of the mountain. I think it now introduces the second large tree by leading the eye to it. If you compare to previous post I think this is much better?

Moving now to the base of the closes Eucalyptus Red Gum tree, it is time to finish that area. I used the side of broken pastels like a brush and scraped colour on; leaving some of the paper showing through. I pass over once more with another colour of similar value (the two used were a mid value of Cuput Mortuum and Scarlet Lake). I find my doing this the colours don’t look flat. Some parts of the colour will blend and yet in other spots it does not. I then start putting some of the smaller marks it that is needed to add depth to this area; using lights and darks. These old trees do have lots of nooks and crannies at the base and it is always my aim to bring them out.

Time to tweak the middle ground now. To the left of the largest tree I lightened off the smaller trees so that the large trunk would “pop” out more on the shadowed side. I worked where I thought it was necessary across the whole painting in an effort to bring the whole painting together.

I am not signing the painting yet as I am sure there will be another area that fresh eyes will consider it should be worked in one way or the other. Gee this painting has been a long winded affair and because of that, it will be good to start on something new.

Note: The purple looks very strong in the image behind the second largest tree where the mistletoe is hanging, this is not the case when standing in front of the real thing. All the same I do wonder why it is picking that area up like it does, thinking perhaps it could be toned down a bit.

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Rose Welty said...


I have been eagerly watching your progress on this one. It reminds me of a childhood memory. I just couldn't remember the place. This morning I realized, it reminds me of an oil painting of my uncle's that my folks had in their home. I used to sit and stare at it for hours. It carried me so far into it as a child, I thought it was a real place in my memory until now. Your work here is tremendous and all your changes have been for the better. Old gnarled trees are magical and you have done a fabulous job of them!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Rose, it pleases me when my work promotes a memory with the viewer or even homesickness from someone that has left Australia. I feel then I have reached people on one level or another.

mrana said...

Susan, I honestly thought this was a photograph except that, upon closer viewing, it has that added personal intensity that makes it far more ... it is simply gorgeous.

Rita said...


I love this piece but I'm particularly taken with the ground cover and the colours you've chosen. It all fits together so nicely and there's a real atmosphere to this piece. Well done!

Lucky-1 said...

I love this painting and like Rita... I love the ground cover and the colours. The bark on the trees is stunning and this would have to be my most favourite parts about the gum trees. As a gardener I can say you have caught the bark and it's colourings really well:) A fabulous painting indeed Sis:D

Susan Borgas said...

mrana, thanks so much, I do love this area to paint.

Rita, I appreciate what you have said, thank you! One little adjustment I am going to make is flick some grasses up at the base of the large trees so that they are not sitting so much on top of the ground.

Lucky-1 What can I say Sis,I know you have always been a fan of my work and appreciate you stopping by. :D