Monday, February 05, 2007

Mount Remarkable WIP two

After a very restful holiday with the daily sun, surf and sand it is time now to get back to the reality of everyday life and of cause that includes work. As I wipe my hands clean of pastel I am going to start my draft to the blog so that my thoughts are written down while they are fresh in my head. Hopefully it will lead to a more interesting post.

Getting my fingers dirty once more with pastel I commenced working on the middle ground through the central area of this work. My aim is to create distance in this area using aerial and atmospheric perspective as much as possible. To help this along I actually “shrunk” the trees between the two large red eucalyptus gum trees upwards as well as downwards. This also allowed more of Mount Remarkable to be viewed plus encourages the eye to explore this area.

He reckons I have got the best spot

By the time I moved across to the right hand side middle ground my rhythm of applying pastel became more natural as my break from this medium didn’t help make it easy as when using these sticks regularly there is a more fluent flow. Once I had caught this area up to the rest of the middle ground it was time for a tall glass of icy cold because unpleasant extremely high temperatures are being experienced where I live as well as many parts of Australia. Woo hoo, I do hear though the cool change is on its way. It is while enjoying my drink that I see tweaks that need to be made and proceed to do just that although I am sure to see further areas that will need to be improved on as the painting progresses.

He he....My husband has just come indoors and laid down on the floor. He reckons I have got the best spot today with the heatwave.

Moving onto the tall eucalyptus tree on the right with a range of tones, the trunk is now taking shape. I noticed that the rounded knob on the left hand side looks as if it is part of the branch that swings down to the right, which it is not. I will give it some thought as to what should be done at a later time as now it is time to take a photo and post to my blog.

Oh and my husband did some more work as well; he washed the car. wink

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