Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mount Remarkable WIP five & Bl**dy GST

Oops sorry about the swearing but there is a job on the family farm that some of you already know is a real pet hate of mine and that is the GST bookwork. It is on my calendar for today’s job but instead swapping it from today to Monday. Tomorrow (Sunday here; for those in a different time zone) will be spent in the office tiding it up as I hate being in a mess when trying to concentrate on the bookwork. I will then sort the pile of papers into groups and make a start on the entries into my GST software. With a bit of luck it will then be completed by the days end on Monday. Smoothness will only happen with this job if there are no discrepancies and oh boy when that happens it is often like looking for a needle in a haystack.

well you didn’t think I was going to do nothing at all today did ya?

So it is now time to start on Monday’s job today; well you didn’t think I was going to do nothing at all today did ya? I do have the little television on in the studio which is making a noise in the background; don’t know what it is all about as it is on more for company than anything else. Ok enough of the prattle as it is time to get my fingers dusty.

Going to work on the largest tree towards the top of a trunk pastels are applied in a layered fashion. I do not blend with my fingers nor use any other blending tools. I let the pastel sticks do all the work for me with some mixing happening on the paper along with uncontaminated hues as well. This is a time consuming stage for me when I am painting these Eucalyptus Red Gums, as I am not one of those artists that can whack the pastels on quickly. Rushing for me ends up in failure with what I see in my “minds eye” not being accomplished in the final result.

I am getting fussy so it is time to move on from the tree trunk. I am trying to decide what I will do in the foreground. These trees grow on private land with often no timber laying underneath the trees as dead wood is collect for firewood. Think the best thing is to start and see what happens………..

Later…….Update on the foreground….. the boss (husband wink) just spotted the foreground and said how much he liked it and not to do anymore in that area. When looking at it, I am inclined to agree with him although later may change my mind. Now it is time to take a photo and post to my blog with some time to mull over what should be done next.

Gosh I was thinking that I would be back in the Studio Tuesday until I remembered that there is another appointment in Port Pirie that day as well as the same day of the following week that needs my attendance. As I do want to start on a large oil painting the preparation work will be the next job on the agenda once I am able to get into the studio. The remainder of this pastel painting will be worked on when I am waiting for paint to dry.

No fear there will be a post tomorrow.

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Rita said...

Susan, this WIP is just scrumptious! For the life of me I can't imagine how you get the sky so uniformly blue. Do you have a particular blending technique?

VanGogh is calling you...;)


Susan Borgas said...

Hi Rita!

With the sky using plenty of pastel I use three different tints starting from the top with the darkest. I then come down with the middle value overlapping the darker colour at the base. I then follow with the lightest pastel overlapping the middle tint and take it right to the bottom of the sky. Where two values meet is a little like fingers interlocking together without them actually passing over the knuckles. All my strokes tend to be angled slightly from the top right to the bottom left. Sometimes I will add a bit of cool colour in a warm sky just to keep it interesting and vice vesa. Once I have all the pastel in place I then use a light touch to blend the pastel. I have also been known to add some pink to the horizon.

Maybe if I didn't blend I would have a VanGogh sky... ;) ...chuckle!