Monday, February 12, 2007

Help Dosh Dosh

Dosh Dosh needs your help!

Maki needs 40 or more participants to test out Pageflakes. I have already signed up using a link provided on the Dosh Dosh blogsite.

I can hear some of you already saying what is Pageflakes? Pageflakes is a personalized start page that you can add feeds, weather, address book along with many other items. This image will give you a larger sample of what is on offer. Google have something similar though I am not sure if the Google version of a personalized homepage has a tab like Pageflakes that can be shared with the internet community by making it public if you choose to do so.

The original post can be found Make Money with Pageflakes - An Experiment. with a follow up post Turning Commissions into Donations Update.

The following quote from Maki's update will give you more idea of what it is all about.
The goal of this experiment is two-fold: Firstly, to test Pageflakes’s affiliate program in order to confirm if it is legitimate or accurate with their data reporting.

Secondly, I thought it’ll be a creative way of getting everyone to contribute to a good cause - namely to support Mercy corps ’s effort in helping the recent massive flooding in Indonesia, which has made around 200,000 people homeless.
When there is more time for myself I will have a play with Pageflakes but for now I am up to my elbows with a lot of other things. The GST bookwork that I mentioned in an earlier post went without a hitch. I only need to fill in the the final paperwork, which I will do shortly once this post hits the internet. It is only copying figures across on one sheet of paper so nothing hard in that. It is a shame #2 daughter doesn't live closer to home as she loves working with formulas and numbers and if you read my past post you would know she never inherited that desire from me. wink

During my coffee break I came across a way to install a clock on my blog. It is for a little bit of fun but at the same time it helps my visitors to work out quickly what time zone I am in. This is especially helpful when I have mentioned a day I am doing this and that and when to expect an update on my blog about said subject in relationship to your own time zone. Clicking on the clock will take you to the website where I acquired mine with extra information about my time zone. The clock can be configured to look the way you want then grab the html and add it to a Page Element in your blogger Layout or template. It isn't necessary to sign up to anything, which I did not and will wait to see what happens.

Want one? Go to directly to Free Clocks for Your Web Site to get yours or if you prefer click on Time and Date for more information about it.

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Maki said...

Thank you so much, Susan..for spreading the word! :)

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome Maki :)