Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Do you know about Bloglines?

I now use Bloglines to organize my RSS & XML feeds so that I can view them quickly at anytime I am online. I don’t even have to be on my own computer to do so. It is an online service that makes keeping up to a favourite blog so much easier.

One neat idea is the Clippings option. If I have left a comment on a blog, I clip that blog for awhile to remind me that I have left a message for the blog owner. I will delete the clipping once a reply has been made or time has passed. It can also be used to bookmark a favourite story.

I have a button now in the right hand column that makes it easy to add my blog to your own Bloglines. There are also other tools that are useful at bloglines. I am still exploring them and may make use of them at a later time.

Click on Bloglines here and have a look what it is all about.

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Bart said...

Yes I do!
Added your blog some time ago.
Good idea to use clippings as you do.

A few days ago I started a bloglines blog to collect posts I found interesting. It is a standard blog you get with bloglines, but might serve well as my notes-blog.

I am keeping my subscriptions down to 20 at the moment, want to do some painting as well :-)

Now, must do some clipping....

Laura said...

Bloglines is great--I follow about 50 blogs (yours among them) with my subscription. Luckily, not everyone is as prolific as you ;D. The clipping feature sounds interesting.

Susan Borgas said...

Does this mean I have to tell you that I have 123 feeds…..wink

They range from Art, Photography, Marketing and WetCanvas feeds. From memory I have had your blogs listed right from the beginning. I tend to flick through the feeds quickly unless there is something that catches my interest then I stay longer. Many do not update daily.

WetCanvas is another story though as the feeds I have listed of different forums shows 56 new threads have been added overnight. Unless there is anything that jumps out at me with a title and two lines of text, I will not load pages. I usually check them out to wind down at the end of the day. Great way to keep an eye on my favourite forum…… my excuse anyway….chuckle

Bart you can un-clip me now ;)