Thursday, June 22, 2006

Window with a View - WIP six

I now have reached the stage of “more look than put”. It is so close to finished now that I am already thinking about my next painting.

A couple of close-ups so that you can see the stonework and hat clearly. If you look at the band on the hat you will see a tiny kangaroo; have to have it looking authentic....wink!

What are your thoughts; can it be improved on with an alteration? I do think I need to check the darks in and around the stonework at the bottom as they look darker in value than I want them.


Bart said...

What are your thoughts; can it be improved on with an alteration?

I hardly dare to say anything because I think it is a very nice work. Love the stonework, especially its colour, and the beautifull colours of the field.

But since you asked...I stared and stared... but there is nothing in my eyes that "needs to be altered".

I can only tell you what I thought about while staring :-) That was about the intens red of the stones on the right upper corner -the tree, whether or not it needed slightly more life with the help of some colour highlights. About whether the branch looks grounded enough to make it absolutely clear that it will not fall of that wall - but should that be so clear?
And I started with wondering what it would do to the drawing when the line of the stone work to the left of the viewer was somewhat less straight. Never found an answer :-)

Because I realised that all these thoughts might very well make no sense at all. The alterations I thought about would probably alter some things a bit, not making it "better" (what ever that is).

laurelines said...

Here's my thought: the stones have so much going on with them that they threaten, a bit, to stop the eye from going on to the scene beyond. I think the whole piece could benefit from making the stonework somewhat less detailed, especially in the bottom third of the picture plane. That is counterintuitive, since they are closer to the eye than the deep space of the scene, but in the logic of the piece (as opposed to the logic of physics) it would make more sense to dampen their effect somewhat. Since the stonework is in shadow, compared to the scene beyond, you could justify its toning down that way, if you felt you had to.

Susan Borgas said...

Bart and Laura, I appreciate your input as fresh eyes are often what are needed to bring a painting to a satisfactory completion.

“Thumbsup” to you both :D