Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Links and more links!

I started tinkering with my blog while eating my lunch and soon all thoughts of painting today were well and truly removed from my mind. Well it is cold in my studio; the laptop and blog was a better proposition by the fire in my rumpus room, that’s my story and I am sticking to it!!!!

I tried ideas on my blog, deleted some of them but have now settled with a few things moved around in the right column, as well as added links which I hope some of you find interesting. I will expand on these as time permits. For now the links will correspond to books, DVD’s, video, magazines, photography, marketing, societies, Australian Galleries and general interest.

Um…… some of you with Feed Readers will wonder why in the heck you have received updates of older threads from me today. Sorry about that. When I previewed my changes, what looked correct wasn’t the case when republishing my blog, consequently had to be fixed and republished

It doesn’t seem that long since I ate my lunch but now it is time for me to think about what to serve up for the evening meal for my husband and myself. Maybe something with home grown mushrooms…… then again perhaps I should sketch the mushrooms first…. Naaaa there will be more mushrooms to draw at a later time.

book, DVD, magazine, photography, marketing, society, Australian, gallery


Laura said...

'It doesn’t seem that long since I ate my lunch but now it is time for me to think about what to serve up for the evening meal .' This is practically a daily phenomenon for me! I like how your new piece is going, Susan! Your progress is so steady and orderly. Do you never have moments, like I do when working on a painting, when all seems lost and you want to hurl the canvas/paper across the room? ;D I know the handle on the copper pot, and its shape in general, bothered you a bit last time, but you seemed not to lose your lovely, tranquil nature.

Susan Borgas said...

I do have those moments Laura but move on and vigorously clean my house instead of attacking my work. I always feel much better about matters after that and end up with a clean house at the same time. My eldest daughter was only saying a few days ago that she cleans her house when she is cross about something….like mother like daughter!!! :D

I do tend to have an attitude if a piece isn’t working, start with something fresh and take another look at the previous painting at a later time. More often than not it is eventually finished even if I have to brush some of the pastel off and begin again. Of cause that doesn’t work for all mediums; watercolour for me is a very unforgiving when mistakes are made.

Art is my salvation in body and mind so careful not to let it control my life to the point of stressing me. I have the luxury of a family farm to keep the bread and butter on our plates, hence won’t starve if I choose not to accept a commission that I don’t want to do. In saying this though I do have deadlines to keep throughout the year with exhibitions, I just need to make sure I manage my time efficiently towards them. For the most part it works.