Friday, June 23, 2006

Window with a View - WIP Completed

With all the excellent feed back that I have received I did make some adjustments. My heart wasn’t in my mouth while making these changes but my husbands was. Once done he could see that it was the right thing to do.

Ok what adjustments have been made!

* The base of the branch coming from the peppermint box tree was thickened plus some lights introduced into the foliage and limbs. That tree is what is throwing the shadow across the foreground.

* Some blades of grass were added to the foreground.

* I darkened the row of trees in the middle ground. Also I scraped some pale lemon across the paddock behind this same strip.

* I greyed off the reds in the stonework, especially the right hand side.

* The darks in and around the stonework was smudged with a mid value while the bottom lighter areas were scraped with a dark.

The full size digital photo I spent quite a bit of time editing the colour and values with a freshly calibrated graphics monitor where I couldn’t say the image looked different to the original painting. Of cause once the image is shrunk for the web, some changes do take place. All the same this image is much closer than previous postings.

So there you have it, signed, not sealed with a buyer yet but hopefully delivered one day soon. :D

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Bart said...

I think it is a wonderfull work Susan! Wish I could see it in real :-(
The alterations in colour of the overall picture is well visible in the light on the stone around the hat and the hat itself. It now looks even better!

Thank you for the WIP!

(Didn't understand the expression "heart in my mouth", untill my girlfriend (out of experience with the situation) explained what she thought was ment. Then it suddenly occured to us that the Dutch expression is "Heart in my throath"! LOL--- language is beautifull.)

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks for the lovely words Bart.

There is another saying "heart in his boots". I think that one refers to shaking knees...something to that effect....gee I hope I don't end up saying something that has a rude meaning in Dutch or for that matter in any language....chuckle.

Laura said...

Exactly as it should be now! It's a lovely piece and another example of how well you capture that clear, blue light of your area.

Susan Borgas said...

Laura many thanks, it is good to have you along for the journey.