Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Window with a View - WIP five

Well they say things come in three’s…….. if one is to believe it, the day before yesterday when throwing a ball for my husbands working dog I broke a light globe under our veranda. (Just as well my husband Malcolm thought it was funny as he had to replace the light socket as a piece of plastic broke off). Secondly, yesterday I dropped a saucepan lid and broke part of the knob off. Thirdly, I have just now knocked a dish of pastel dust onto the studio floor. Does this mean I am safe now!

I do think the tides are turning as I found two piece of Unison pastel stick that I had dropped quite some time ago and given up trying to find. Low and behold I just found them a moment ago stuck between the sliding section of the easel legs; one in each front leg!

Now onto the work in progress, as you can see the second prop is now starting to materialise. While the wattle is flowering I am taking advantage of this Australian native.

The stonework is slowly taking shape. They are tedious with the tonal values varying so much. There is no roof on the hut which helps bounce quite a bit of reflective light around.

So far I am happy with the progress of this work.

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Bart said...

Pastel dust on the floor? That sounds like some work to remove it again :-/

Very nice with the daylight on the inside of the wall - that's a nice surprise!

Susan Borgas said...

On the floor and down the side of a white cupboard. Very pretty bright blue. Cleans up very easy with my trusty vacuum cleaner :D

Yes that light makes a nice contrast to the remainder of the stonework.