Monday, June 05, 2006

Graphite Drawing of Goblet

The last few days have been full on for me but a lot of fun as well. I hosted the Painters of the Flinders Ranges AGM and general meeting in my home yesterday. As the acting secretary I found myself busier than usual with a paper trail of work in the office and less time for my art.

It was great to have the meeting where my peers could stand in front of my latest works and listen to their comments and critique. Because there was a couple of things still concerning me with the painting and now been confirmed by others I am now going to make a couple of slight changes. All will be revealed in the next day or so.

I had a little bit of spare time up my sleeve today and draw this tall goblet that belongs to my son. Nothing like a bit of practice drawing objects that maybe used in another still life…… oh dear did I say another still life!!!! I think a landscape will be on the agenda first to revive after this last one…..wink

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