Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Window with a View "WIP"

Mix of pastel brands
Storm Blue AS Colourfix paper
33.5 x 47.5 centimetres

I enjoyed the Flinders Range Wattle still life so much that I thought why not combine a still life with a landscape.

There is an old building on the family property that I have often thought about painting a scene looking through a window and thought it would suit a landscape and still life combination.

After considering a few ideas I have now settled on a couple of props to make things a bit more interesting. Hopefully it will give an impression of someone nearby contemplating what life was all about many years ago for the people who once lived there.

I am aware that the horizon line is near the half way mark of the paper. I want a big Aussie sky, as the scene from the window is of a great expanse of blue, hence did not want to take away any of the sky by raising the horizon. By lowering the horizon it seem to cramp everything near the bottom of the window. I thought I would go with how I have drawn it up. I can always crop it later if need be if the horizon line does not work.

For those that remember me painting the Mt Remarkable area; the mountain is in the far distance of this work.

landscape, still life, pastel

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