Thursday, June 29, 2006

Elder Range, Central Flinders "WIP" four

Gosh I had forgotten how long it takes oil paint to dry in my house during winter.

To save confusion I will keep the post separate for the two paintings I am working on.

The rolling hills under the mountain range have been worked on along with some touches with tonal adjustments in the middle ground. I didn’t want to fiddle much in the light areas as the paint is still quite wet. I was able to put the darks back in for the trees and shrubs as the underpainting was reasonably dry and transparent and allowed me to apply further paint.

The foreground also had some darks scrubbed in ready for me to lay the grasses over the top once dry.

Elder Range Central Flinders

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Mama Darlin' said...

This painting is really coming along! This looks like the view from one of my childhood haunts!

Merethe Torbergsen said...

Lovely work Susan!! You sure have a distinct style, even if you use another medium than pastels.... I enjoy following your WIP's - great work!


Susan Borgas said...

Thanks guys, it is nice to have you along for the ride :D