Friday, June 09, 2006


No this isn’t the new painting my brain is working on as mentioned in my previous posting.

Have a go yourself by going to the following address. Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas

Draw by moving the mouse around. Left click on the mouse and a new colour will begin. Refresh the page to start over again.

The image I have posted here is from a monitor screen print showing you the fun I had. Quite relaxing with no “real” work getting done today ;)

Oh yeah…… I decided my next painting will be a combination of Landscape and Still Life; without a vase!!! (said with an evil grin)

relaxation, drawing, landscape, still life


Lesly said...

Hi Susan ... thanks for leaving a comment on my Thursday Thirteen! I can't really take any credit for those old chestnuts ... just altered the wording a little to suit! Glad they made you smile.

I probably won't be posting T13's again ... takes up so much time that I should be spending on painting! I will keep in touch with some people though ... like you!

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome Lesly :)

Can't say that I am surprised you may not posting them again. I had a look at some of the other blogs doing the T13's and thought they would take more time than I care to spend to get involved. The idea behind it isn't bad though to get traffic to blogs.

I always see your postings in my bloglines....See you there!! ;)

Jaye Wells said...

Hi Susan,

Just stopping by after seeing your comment on Lorelle's blog. So glad to find a blog about art.


Susan Borgas said...

Jaye a big welcome to my blog. It is lovely to see a broad spectrum of visitors comment here.