Friday, January 05, 2007

Are you in Shock?

Hope you like the lighter background on this blog without going into shock as the black was bothering me that it may cause problems for visitors to read so much text on such a dark coloured design, especially when some of my posts are for the most part now around 250 words, sometimes more. If you are considering changing the colours of your website or blog this website Mandarin Design has examples of web safe colours. The one I am using is snow # FFFAFA.

Before I made my changes I did post a question about it on WetCanvas with the title Black or White blog background? . As you can see it is neither black nor white. A girl can change her mind can’t she! wink I do thank the WetCanvas members for helping me to come to a decision. The New Blogger also makes it easy to change the colours of my blog so be prepared, you might see an over the top coloured version down the track.

A change of subject now. This watercolour painting is one that was promised some time ago that would be posted here on my Arts & Stuff blog. I completely forgot all about it until I spied it in my drawer for my art paper. I don’t consider myself a watercolourist because I haven’t had much experience using a watercolour medium. It is rather fun to see what evolves when working with such an unpredictable paint and admit to being a bit surprised that the end result isn’t always a complete loss. Even though some of the trees have been left out because the area is so dense in this part of the creek at Wilpena Pound, the likeness is still there that I would recognise it in an instance when walking upon it.

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Jason said...

Love the painting!

Lisa B. said...

Susan, your posts are always well written, and now they're easier to read. I like the change!

Katherine said...

This is a great colour Susan - I'm glad you made the change!

Cynthia said...

Hi Susan, visiting from WC. I think the "snow" background is soft. It's a very subtle difference from white, but not as glaring. Thanks for recommending Mandarin's color charts. I've been playing around with the colors on my blog now too.

Wonderful painting! Happy New Year!

Susan Borgas said...

Jason thanks for looking :)

Lisa I appreciate what you say about my post as painting comes easier to me than the written word.

Katherine thanks, I am very happy with the changes that have been made.

Cynthia I am glad the Mandarin's color chart is of some help to you. Think as artist it must be in our nature to want to sometimes play around with our blog and website colours..... know it is mine! :D

May it be an inspiring year for you all no matter what medium you work with and yes a Happy New Year!!!