Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sketch of an ear

My post will be short today because I am bushed after an extremely hot and humid day.

The sketch of the eye was posted yesterday and now here is the ear. As you will see I pushed the darks more in today’s sketch and rather pleased how it turned out.

Catch you all tomorrow with another post on my blog, as here in Aussie land my bed is calling me much earlier.

Click for a larger view

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Bart said...

The ear looks good Susan!

I kept on clicking to listen to the man saying "bushed". Sounded funny. I suppose you pronounce it in a different way :-)

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Bart. I like to draw parts of the human body and don't do enough of it.

I had a listen; Sounds like I would say it but the recording says it a little faster. :D