Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Coffee Please!

Taking care not to contaminate my studio air with fumes from Turps more than necessary, the cheap tissue and paper that are used for cleaning up after oil painting are placed in an empty coffee jar and is always left on the trolley table near my easel. While taking a break I noticed how the light above was shining down the label and thought why not sketch it and post it on my blog as I do miss posting my current work, which I am pleased to say my last commission is now finished and only needs to dry.

Considering not much time was spent on this sketch I am rather pleased that a reasonable drawing was achieved. Mmmmm…. Reckon more effort should be made on my part during 2007 and fill up some sketch books. Nope I am not going to make it a New Years resolution and end up not doing it! rolleyes

Sketch of coffee jar using mechanical pencil

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