Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Keep current date and time for drafts with New Blogger

Found a piece of paper with a draft for a post and knew that a better idea would be to make more use of drafting my ideas on Blogger rather than loosing scraps of paper. The only problem with the draft posts on Blogger if I forget to change the date and time when posting it to the public, the post can be lost in earlier posts as the current time and date was never updated when editing the draft. A blogger called The Last Word that writes scripts for Greasemonkey for Firefox has come to the rescue with a keep current date and time for your draft posts script and the post can be found at Keep Current Date & Time On Posts. Before downloading and installing scrips it would be worth you reading this post at A Consuming Experience so that you are informed of what to expect. I am having no problems using this script and can see where it is going to save me a lot of time.

It is a shame I can't find a script that will do all my holiday preparations and packing then that would leave me free to concentrate on my creative jobs but alas one could not be found so there you have it, no painting to post today. razz

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