Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here is looking at you!

Oops did you notice the date at the bottom of my sketch on yesterdays post? redface It should have had the same date as the post. It isn’t unusual for me to get my year mixed up during January and can be frustrating when it happens. Oh well I can’t say live and learn as I never do become practiced at remembering.

My daughter returned to her place of living today after spending Christmas and New Year on the farm with her dad and I. With our son and partner now settled into the second house on the farm for some weeks now and also our eldest child and her husband coming and going during the festive season, life is now back to what I call “normal” even if it means that my daughters are many kilometers away. It is also a signal for me to find my routine to produce work on a more regular basis for my blog as well as self satisfaction as a working artist.

Today’s post of an eye which I enjoyed playing around with though could be improved on does have the right date and is my fair dinkum effort to have more art on my blog. My blog will always flow over into other subjects and the Labels will help isolate said topics from the art related ones for those that are not interested. Saying this though I do hope some of these unrelated posts to artworks do offer a broader understanding of me as an artist.

Click for a larger view!

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