Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jug Sketch and holiday

Don’t you just love getting visitors where you can pull out your good crockery and is often hidden in a cupboard that rarely has the door opened? Neither my husband nor I take milk in our coffee so unless my visitors do, this little jug rarely sees the light of day. I love stoneware like this unpretentious jug as much as fine china and do have a mix of both in my dresser cupboard. I really should do more scratching around amongst the assortments of items that are stored to see what else is suitable to sketch.

My husband has finely found time today to make the frame up for the last commissioned painting. Tomorrow my job for me will be to mount the painting in the frame, take a photo and then send the snapshot off to the client.

I can write my posts on my trusty laptop while lounging around near the beach

Over the next few days it is vital that I get a lot of my jobs tidied up because my husband and I are heading off for our annual holiday by the beach as we do every year. I made a purchase of a USB Flash Drive in the hope that I can write my posts on my trusty laptop while lounging around near the beach and then copy it over to my blog along with photos at an Internet Café. This way I will be able continue on blogging while on holidays and you won’t miss the dribble that I post here. lol

It is odd really as I often think I can’t be bothered going away on holidays but now the time is getting closer I am so looking forward to it. A lot has been packed into this year and it is going to be busier during 2007. Those subjects I will cover in this blog at the appropriate time and I know it will be a dizzy time for me as I won’t know if I am coming or going. Bet that has you all wondering what will be happening. razz

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Katherine said...

Susan - have a lovely relaxing holiday and make sure you don't run yourself ragged looking for an internet cafe. Use the time for drawing instead! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do on your return.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Katherine, my pencils are right up there on the high priority list of things to take. :)